Mar 2013         Invited keynote at workshop ‘Entrepreneurial Higher Education for Sustainable Development’, 25th-26th March, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Sept 2012       ‘Selecting path-breaking research: comparing funding practices’; invited key-note lecture at Radical Innovation from Public Research, research workshop, Helsinki, 10 September 2012

Nov 2011       “Universities at a crossroad: between ‘academic capitalism’ and ‘the dawn of the dons’”; key note lecture at ESRC Seminar ‘Policy, Politics and the Third Mission: the Transformation of the Contemporary University’, 25th November 2011, Sheffield University

Apr 2011        “Public Sciences and Change: science dynamics revisited”; invited seminar at the RPI, Lund University

Dec 2010        “Evaluation systems and evaluation practices: towards a framework for research evaluation”, key note opening lecture ‘Evaluation system for Poland’, Warsaw, December 3, 2010;

Nov 2010       ‘In scientists we trust: peer review and funding path breaking research’, invited presentation at ‘Keeping Researchers in Mind’, Workshop organised by the European Forum on Philanthropy and Research, Oxford;

Dec 2009        ‘Public Research Centres: towards a taxonomy’, invited paper at International Workshop on “Academic careers, knowledge transfer and organisational change in Public Research Centres”, Granada, 14-15 December, 2009

Aug 2009       ‘As good as it gets: links between universities and industry’, lecture at Summer School ‘The Role of Social Science in the construction of Knowledge-based societies: Latin American and European Perspectives’, 17-30 August 2009, Mexico City, Mexico

Jun 2009         ‘Universities and their soul: pressures and tensions’, key note address, 6th PRIME PhD and Early Researcher Conference ‘Challenges in Research and Innovation Policy Studies’, 29 June-2 July, Manchester;