Research agenda

Presenting at the EURECIA Final Workshop

Broadly speaking, my research is about science dynamics; more specifically it is about ‘policy driven’ change affecting both the social conditions of science and research (organisations, relationships and rules of exchange; structures etc.), and the properties of knowledge. The theory of science as a relationship between research fields and research spaces, I have been working on for several year now, provides an intellectual lens for the analysis of the links between the social and the intellectual conditions of science and research; between policy (governance) and knowledge with particular epistemic properties. More specifically, I research and publish on the following:

  • Universities, governance and management: here I have published on the effects of the employability agenda in the UK ; on managing academic performance; on the third mission and the ways in which it transforms the universities ; and on conceptualisation of university change in terms of organisational theory. I have also supervise PhD students working on these and similar issues not only in the UK but globally.
  • Changing research spaces: some matter I have research (and published on) are the change as a result of an ideological shift aligned to neo-liberalism; moving from ‘Science in Europe’ to ‘European Science’; integration of the European research space; and the causal mechanisms behind the ‘new’ organisation of the European research space of the European research space and the emergence of the European Research Council (ERC).
  • Studying the effects (impact) of policy and funding instruments on the science system: I was the PI of a research project funded by the ERC to explore novel approaches and methodologies to the study of the impact of research funding agencies (EURECIA); this project reported in mid-2012 and the reports can be found here. An article on a novel way to characterise researchers developed in this project has been already published.
  • Work on selection practices used by research (innovation) funding agencies: currently working on research articles using data collected during a research project funded by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond to investigate the use of peer review to select path-breaking research.