Currently, I am Proffesor of Science and Innovation Dynamics and Policy at Manchester Business School (MBS), the University of Manchester. I am also a long standing member of the Manchester Institute for Innovation Research. Intellectually, my research is on science dynamics, more specifically on ‘policy driven’ change that affects both the social conditions of research and epistemic properties of knowledge. For more on that check out my research agenda.

I teach at all levels, e.g. undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral and believe that the way for academics to ‘touch the future’ and contribute value to society is by teaching. I don’t lecture, I enable learning; and people are having hard time convincing me that my students are my customers – I see them as partners in learning.

This is a brief account of my academic activities. For access to my full CV click here.

Recent research projects

  • EURECIA (funder, EU FP7 IDEAS programme/ERC): Understanding and Assessing the Impact and Outcomes of the ERC and its Funding Schemes, 2009-12 [] (PI).
  • JOREP (funder, EU FP7): Investments on Joint and Open R&D Programs and analysis of their economic impact, 2010-13 (PI).
  • PEERS (Peer review practices and the legitimacy of the ERC), funder Riksbankens Jubileumsfund Sweden, 2010-2011 (PI).

Selected publications

Nedeva M. (2012) ‘Between the Global and the National: organising European science’, in Research Policy, doi: 10.1016/j.respol.2012.07.006

Nedeva M., M. Stampfer (2012) ‘From “Science in Europe” to “European Science”’, in Science, 25 May 2012, Vol. 336, p. 982-983

Nedeva M., R. Boden and Y. Nugroho (2012) ‘Rank and File: managing individual performance in university research’, in Higher Education Policy, 25: 335-360 (with R. Boden and Y. Nugroho); doi: 10.1057/hep.2012.12

Nedeva et al. (2012) Understanding and Assessing the Impact and Outcomes of the ERC and its Funding Schemes, EURECIA Final Synthesis Report, ERC website

Thomas D., M. Nedeva (2012) ‘Characterising researchers to study research funding agency impacts: the case of the European Research Council’s Starting Grants’, in Research Evaluation, 10.1093/reseval/rvs020

Boden R., and M. Nedeva (2010) ‘Employing discourse: universities and graduate ‘employability’, in Journal of Education Policy, Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2010, 37-54;

Luukkonen T., and M. Nedeva (2010) ‘Towards understanding integration in research and research policy’, Research Policy 39(2010) 674-686;

Nedeva M., and R. Boden (2006) ‘Changing science: the advent of neo-liberalism’, Prometheus, 24,. 3, 269-281;

Nedeva M., L. Georghiou, D. Loveridge and H. Cameron (1996) ‘The use of co-nomination to identify expert participants for Technology Foresight’, R&D Management, 26, 2, 155-169

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Course modules

Knowledge Production and Justification in Management Research (Epistemology) (MRes in Management and Doctoral Research Training, MBS, 15 credits, 22 contact hours)

Fundamentals of Innovation Management (BMAN 24001), BSc International Management

Research methods and Dissertation Workshops (BMAN 72352), MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Mixed Methods, Research Workshop for DBA students, 15 credits