I am married, have been for a very long time, and have three sons – two grown up step sons and one growing up son. They are all great people and all show preference for humanities and philosophy: one works in a bank by day and reads philosophy at night; one is a talented poet with the potential to become a great writer; and one is a good all -rounder…and my husband’s last hope for a bit more persistent interest in science, maths and engineering.

I am also a well regarded blogger but my main blog has nothing to do with science and innovation dynamics and policy – it is called The Money Principle and is about money management. Some people say that ‘it makes their head hurt and their wallet sing.’ I like to think that people enjoy reading it; after all it is such great fun writing it :).

I love cooking; I only started cooking recently but some of the dishes I make are well worth trying. I also bake, make baklava and…if my academic career doesn’t work out for some reason I will probably write and open a coffee bar. OK, just kidding!

Oh, and you know I’ve told some of you that ‘Nevada’ is my stage name when doing pole-dancing after 8 pm? I don’t do pole-dancing, I do karate! And I run marathons.